Biz Software is a fast and simple program for managing inventory, sales and purchases, integrated with MYOB and Xero.

A practical and affordable solution for small business to simplify the day to day running of the business - Melbourne Australia.



Web Based

Biz Software is a web based program that runs in your browser and requires no installation. After you log in you can create orders and purchase orders right away.

All your product data, inventory stock levels and price lists are imported for you.

MYOB/Xero Integration

The day to day sales and purchases are done with Biz Software and at the end of a working day you export all of the day's invoices and purchase orders to MYOB or Xero directly where the accounting side of your business resumes as normal.

It is quicker this way.

  • Easy to use web browser interface.
  • Inventory data structured and categorised to make searching quick and easy.
  • Technical specifications with images to help account customers order online.
  • Product pricing structures to maintain consistent prices across customer groups.
  • Product history reports in both buying and selling available during the order process.
  • Send quotes, invoices and purchase orders directly from the program.
  • Sales rep/company budgets and sales reports to set and monitor budget goals.
  • Low stock reports to warn if important products require purchasing.
  • Simple internal message system linked to customer/supplier accounts.
  • User levels to suit specific tasks.
  • Reports: By Customers, spending vs sales, stock reports, custom reports.
  • Customised functions developed on request.
  • Fast performance.

With Biz Software the buy/sell cycle is simple,
focusing on reaching your budget goals.

Buy/sell cycle to reach budget goals

Set your financial year budgets and continuously measure performance to ensure your spending is kept under control and sales targets are met.


No business is the same so there is no one perfect software program that works for all. Biz Software develops software functions to adapt to growth and the changing needs of your business offering a customised software package developed specifically to suit your requirements.

Each program is installed on it’s own virtual private server making it totally independent to any other program so any change or add-on required happens only when you request it.

With Biz Software you deal face-to-face with the developer to ensure your requests are understood and implemented the most practical way.

Integration with MYOB or Xero

Integration with your MYOB cloud company file or Xero is done via the API (Application Programming Interface) allowing the program to communicate directly. Access is granted using OAuth and two-factor authentication.

The API updates contact information and account codes to the program and the program sends invoices and purchase orders to MYOB or Xero.

Integration with WooCommerce

Biz Software integrates with WooCommerce, an eCommerce platform for WordPress. If you sell online directly to the public using Wordpress and WooCommerce, Biz Software imports the orders created in WooCommerce so that these become part of your regular inventory, dispatch and invoicing process allowing for all orders to be managed in one place.

Complete and thorough data makes everything else work more fluent.

The data supplied by your distributors are most likely in spreadsheets and in many different formats, making data entry into your system difficult and cumbersome, especially if you are dealing with many thousands of records. Entering individual product data by employees usually always has no naming convention causing the data to be very incomplete and confusing.

Biz Software handles the data import into your system for you to ensure that product categories, product detail and prices are maintained in a uniform and structured format. This creates a database for the business to run more fluently, incorporating advanced search functionality for you to find the correct product fast.

Provides mobility

Cloud technology gives you the freedom to be productive away from the desk.

Biz Software's programs are extremely light weight with fast performance even with large amount of records so it will work fast over a mobile network.

Mobile, tablet device held in hads.

About Biz Software

Biz Software is based in Melbourne providing software development services for small business focusing on simplicity, security, customised development and accounting software integration.


What do customers say:

"We have a lot of product data from many different suppliers. The product data they send us in spreadsheets is large and hard to deal with especially quantity break pricing structures. Biz Software takes care of this for us so our data and prices are ready to use with no fuss." – Michael

"The time saving in administration by moving away from our old system is enormous. Then having the benefit of searching for inventory items and history on the fly is something we never had. We are now able to achieve more with less staff, that is a huge cost saving to the business." - Andrew, business owner.

"It has improved the workflow substantially, we are more in control of our work and our performance has improved. We can never go back to the old method." - Matt, Workshop Manager and Business Partner

"We wanted a simple to use program where we can manage day to day tasks quick and easy, the simplicity of Biz Software is exactly what we wanted. The ability to modify the program to suit our needs is very valuable to us." - Dennis, Workshop Manager

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