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No business is the same so there is no one perfect software program that works for all. Biz Software develops software functions to adapt to growth and the changing needs of your business offering a customised software package developed specifically to suit your requirements.

Each program is installed on it’s own virtual private server making it totally independent to any other program so any change or add-on required happens only when you request it.


Distributor Sales Systems

Biz Software’s Sales System was developed for the distributor type business to process account holder customer orders by the customer service team, reps or optionally customers directly, specifically where large amount of product data is managed. Large amount of product categories are structured into a tree-like structure to allow for less experienced staff members to find products quickly with addition to a product search function. Your data (the product information and supplier pricing) are compiled thoroughly and formatted uniformly even if from different suppliers. This is crucial to making the system work fluently.

The dual sell/purchase mode allows for product to be sold or purchased quickly and allowing multi supplier pricing per product item. A pricing structure function allows for customer groups to be assigned to product category specific sell price calculations. Accounting integration exports all purchases and dispatched orders to your accounting system; this allows you to run the day to day tasks from the program far quicker that being bound to a desk and accounting system directly. At the end of the working day synchronise the days purchases and dispatched orders with your accounting system.

Program components:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Quotes
  • Inventory
  • Item history tracking
  • Advanced search function
  • Product category tree structure
  • Sales reports
  • Sales rep budgets against actual sales figures
  • Internal message system linked to accounts

Workshop Systems

Biz Software's workshop software is developed for business to simplify the workflow of jobs through the workshop, allowing photos, time keeping, quotes, purchase orders, inventory, reports and job related messages to be attached to the job. This keeps any job related information in one place. Xero and MYOB integration allows for jobs to be sent directly in a few clicks, eliminating manual invoicing completely. Employees interact with the system directly using tablets or desktop computers without printing any documents except for delivery dockets.

A lot of businesses still use printed papers and spread sheets to manage the jobs in the workshop. This creates double handling of data, a lot of time spent in administration and no ability to quickly search through history.

  • Job tracking
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Quotes
  • Service reports
  • Inventory
  • Production scheduling
  • Employee timesheets
  • Fully installed ready to use

Integration with:

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Integration with your accounting system is done via the API (Application Programming Interface) allowing the program to communicate directly with you accounting system after secure access is granted. This means there is no requirement to manually transfer data to your accounting system, instead a direct data transfer by just a click of a button.

Complete and thorough data makes everything else work more fluent.

If you are selling or using products in your business it can be a lot of work to maintain the product data in a structured format. The data supplied by your distributors are most likely in spreadsheets and in many different formats, making data entry into your system difficult and cumbersome, especially if you are dealing with many thousands of records. Entering individual product data by employees usually always has no naming convention causing the data to be very incomplete and confusing.

Biz Software handles the data import into your system for you to ensure that product categories, data and prices are maintained in a structured format. This creates a database for the business to run more fluently, incorporating advanced search functionality for you to find the correct data fast.

Provides mobility:

It gives you the freedom to be productive away from the desk.

Biz Software’s programs are extremely light weight with fast performance even with large amount of records so it will work fast over a mobile network.

Mobile, tablet and laptop computer compatible

About Biz Software

Biz Software is an Australian business providing software development services for small business based in Melbourne Australia, focusing on simplicity, security and performance that is very adaptable to business needs.


What do customers think:

"We have a lot of product data from many different suppliers. The product data they send us in spreadsheets is large and hard to deal with especially quantity break pricing structures. Biz Software takes care of this for us so our data and prices are ready to use with no fuss." – Michael

"The time saving in administration by moving away from our old paper system is enormous. Then having the benefit of searching for jobs and inventory items on the fly is something we never had. We are now able to achieve more with less staff, that is a huge cost saving to the business." - Andrew, business owner.

"It has improved the workflow substantially, we are more in control of our jobs and our performance has improved. We can never go back to the old method." - Matt, Workshop Manager and Business Partner

"I like the ability to view the status of all jobs in a single view and the workload of my team members. I can easily move jobs between team members to suit our changing production schedule, I like that." - Dave, Engineering Manager

"We wanted a simple to use program where we can manage day to day jobs quick and easy, the simplicity of Biz Software is exactly what we wanted. The ability to modify the program to suit our needs is very valuable to us." - Dennis, Workshop Manager